Ale/ia/ks(x)and/e/r Ko(a)maro/u/v - Cur2ere

Based on the workshops, which took place in Odense,  Denmark on 12 - 14/10/2010

Day One


Aleksander Komarov brought along the daily newspaper "Politiken" as the object of study for day one of the workshop. To reflected on the information delivered by the newspaper and questioned the prospect of participating collectively on  "writing the script". Each participant wrote a handwritten copy of the first page of newspaper"Politiken" on an A4 sheet of paper and then passed his or her paper on to a neighbouring participant. After two  hours, fifteen papers were collected through this collaborative effort, with each participant  having copied the chosen text 15 times and each paper containing fifteen different handwritings of the same text. The intention was  to experience the ambiguities of reading, writing, coping and ultimately understanding printed matter, as a multiplication process . The text can simply be seen as material in a chain of producing a kind of work. The objective was to initiate a conversation with participants on critical reading and writing and the notion of abstracting what is seemingly everyday common."

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