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27. March. 2013 Llano Journal

Original title: Travels with new friend Pup

Suggested title: Canine sidekick on the road with Highland Lakes’ pet-sitter

I had a sidekick all week and what a trooper he turned out to be. My constant companion was a Bichon Frise puppy I looked after for a pet-sitting client, and the youngster proved he had real moxie hanging out with me. I’ve been driving more than 100 miles per day, all within the Highland Lakes, but miles and miles and miles, nonetheless, while looking after a wide range of pets.

27. March. 2013 Llano Journal

Original title: Animals found in Marble Falls’ house

Suggested title: Neighbours unaware of animal cruelty

A Kingsland woman has been charged with animal cruelty after police found 17 anaimals trapped in an empty house she owns in Marble Falls on Thursday. Amanda Marie Ramirez, 34, was arrested Friday and charged with cruelty/torture to livestock animals, a state felony, after Marble Falls Police discovered the animals on her property in the 1600 block of Northwood in Marble Falls. “On Wednesday a Marble Falls Code Enforcement Officer went to 1600 block of Northwood to speak to a resident about an overgrown yard,” Marble Falls Police Captain Glenn Hanson said. “He learned from the neighbours that no one resided in the house, but the owner reportedly returned everyday to feed her animals.”

27. March. 2013 USA TODAY

Original title: Gay Marriage Debate: You be the judge

Suggested title: The Supreme Court looks for an exit ramp on the road to redefining marriage.

The Supreme Court appears to be looking for an exit ramp of the road to redefining marriage. That was the simplest conclusion to be drawn from Tuesday’s historic 80-minute oral argument on state’ authority to ban same-sex marriage. For while the justices often lined up on familiar liberal and conservative sides, a majority appeared headed towards caution and compromise. “You want us to step in and render a decision based on an assessment of the effects of this institution which is newer than cellphones or the Internet?” an incredulous Justice Samuel Alito asked U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli near the end of the session. “We do not have the ability to see the future.” Steeped in history and seeming to grasp for precedent, the justices appeared more focused on the past.