Ale/ia/ks(x)and/e/r Ko(a)maro/u/v - Cur2ere


Academy of Applied Arts – International University of Rijeka

Presentation PxFlux

HFG Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design

Film presentations

_____________________________________________________________________________________ 2017

OF - Virtualities and Realities, National Art Museum, Riga Latvia

Pop-Up Chess Palace, About Architecture, Ideology und Chess

ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin, Germany

DRAFT SYSTEMS/CAMOUFLAGE, Hala Koszyki, Warszawa, Poland

17th edition of the WRO Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland


OCTOBER , 2016

'Migration Card', Kaliningrad NCCA, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Russia,

Afterglow, in collaboration with Maxim Tyminko, algorithm / live stream.

Der Kernerpark in Berlin Neukolln, Germany

'We move in slow motion', Lab,Berlin , Germany


ISCP Studio, Brooklyn, New York ,

Aleksander Komarov

27 Canal Street # 2B

New York NY 10002


NOVEMBER 13, 2015 - NOVEMBER 14, 2015

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, November 13, 6-9pm

OPEN HOURS: Saturday, November 14, 1-8pm

The International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) Fall Open Studios is a two-day exhibition of international contemporary art. The thirty-three artists and curators from fifteen countries currently in residence present work in their studios. The studio is a generative space “ part production site, office, laboratory and situation “ and it can be argued that it is more significant today for the artistic process than ever before. Open Studios invites the public to studio visits to experience art in its place of origin and to share conversations with artists and curators from all over the world.

Artists and curators participating in Open Studios:

Tony Albert (Australia), Henni Alftan (Finland), Aleksander Komarov ( Berlin, Germany), Iliana Antonova (Canada), Julie Béna (France), Carl Boutard (Sweden), Naomi Campbell (USA), Lourdes Correa-Carlo (USA), Donald Daedalus (USA), Sara Eliassen (Norway), Dylan Gauthier (USA), Hulda Guzmán (Dominican Republic), Mark Hilton (USA), Jytte Høj (Denmark), Saskia Janssen (Netherlands)

Aleksander Komarov studio ISCP 2015


6th Moscow Biennale

from September 22 to October 1, 2015, at Pavilion No.1 in Moscow's VDNKh


Aleksander Komarov ‘Stock-Estate’ 2015

multichannel video installation | 2 frameless 1080p monitors, wooden box with a computer, video cables, sound



Kaliningrad NCCA, National Centre for Contemporary Arts

11.09 - 27.09.2015

Aleksander Komarov ‘Language Lessons’ 2013/2015, 20 min

Video installation | 1 screen with 2 projections from either side of the screen, sound


Berl's Poetry Shop, 126A Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, US

Telephone #4, August 2015,

Aleksander Komarov «So whatever, not me, but at least her…»

2015, video | sound

This issue features the Russian poet Sveta Litvak, as translated by:

Shane Anderson, Vlad Bely, Marina Blitshteyn, Jenny Boully, Brandon Brown, Anastasia Cherov, Alexander Cigale, Eric Ellingsen, Ernesto Estrella, Johannes Goransson, Rozalie Hirs, Lucy Ives, Christine Kanownik, Aleksander Komarov, Steven Seiden

Llano Journal – 27/03/13

Pg 1/7A

Original Title: Burn ban on; April child abuse month

Suggested title: Commissioners reinstate, declare and settle Llano County business.

Commissioners on Monday, reinstated the burn ban, declared April to be Child Abuse Prevention Month, and settled on a job description and salary range for a new road and bridge commissioner. County Judge Wayne Brascom was out sick during Monday’s meeting, so Commissioner Jerry Don Moss conducted the meeting…Commissioners agreed to begin advertising for a new road and bridge commissioner, a position that Moss has held on an interim basis. The job description has been finalized and the annual salary range has been set between $38,400 and $44,000.

Original title: Animals found in Marble Falls’ house

Suggested title: Neighbours unaware of animal cruelty

A Kingsland woman has been charged with animal cruelty after police found 17 anaimals trapped in an empty house she owns in Marble Falls on Thursday. Amanda Marie Ramirez, 34, was arrested Friday and charged with cruelty/torture to livestock animals, a state felony, after Marble Falls Police discovered the animals on her property in the 1600 block of Northwood in Marble Falls. “On Wednesday a Marble Falls Code Enforcement Officer went to 1600 block of Northwood to speak to a resident about an overgrown yard,” Marble Falls Police Captain Glenn Hanson said. “He learned from the neighbours that no one resided in the house, but the owner reportedly returned everyday to feed her animals.”

Original title: Gambling devices seized in raid

Suggested title: Illegal gambling exposed at Marble Falls’ interchanges

Illegal gambling equipment was seized from seven gaming establishments in Burnet and Llano counties and two people were arrested Thursday evening in a coordinated operation involving 13 law enforcement agencies…Authorities seized computer equipment at Burnet Charity Sweepstakes, located at the intersections of Texas 29 and US 281 in Burnet, and Tropicana Games in the 1800 block of Texas 29 on the westside of town, Sheriff W. T. Smith said.

Pg 8A

Original title: Travels with new friend Pup

Suggested title: Canine sidekick on the road with Highland Lakes’ pet-sitter

I had a sidekick all week and what a trooper he turned out to be. My constant companion was a Bichon Frise puppy I looked after for a pet-sitting client, and the youngster proved he had real moxie hanging out with me. I’ve been driving more than 100 miles per day, all within the Highland Lakes, but miles and miles and miles, nonetheless, while looking after a wide range of pets.

USA Today – 27/03/13

Pg 1/2A

Original title: Gay Marriage Debate: You be the judge

Suggested title: The Supreme Court looks for an exit ramp on the road to redefining marriage.

The Supreme Court appears to be looking for an exit ramp of the road to redefining marriage. That was the simplest conclusion to be drawn from Tuesday’s historic 80-minute oral argument on state’ authority to ban same-sex marriage. For while the justices often lined up on familiar liberal and conservative sides, a majority appeared headed towards caution and compromise. “You want us to step in and render a decision based on an assessment of the effects of this institution which is newer than cellphones or the Internet?” an incredulous Justice Samuel Alito asked U.S. Solicitor General Donald Verrilli near the end of the session. “We do not have the ability to see the future.” Steeped in history and seeming to grasp for precedent, the justices appeared more focused on the past.

Pg 4A


DELAWARE Dover: A new statewide safety campaign netted 271 drivers for seat-belt violations, 13 failing to properly buckle up kids and 73 for cellphone offenses, authorities say.

HAWAII Honolulu: Oahu has a pothole problem. A survey found some 200 roads have failed. Others were deemed serious, very poor or poor. East Oahu has the highest percentage of damaged roads.

NORTH CAROLINA Raleigh: The Division of Motor Vehicles processed 314 applications statewide for special driver’s licenses on the first day for young people who qualified under the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

NORTH DAKOTA Dickinson: MDU Resources Group and Indianapolis-based Calumet Specialty Products Partners have broken ground for a diesel refinery that will process 20,000 barrels of oil daily.

Pg 7A

Original title: Your car might tell on you: Should you be concerned?

A federal mandate that might require cars to have “black boxes” to record accident data has triggered a discussion about privacy. What: An event data recorder, also called a “black box”, records information right before and/or during a crash. The information can help explain what happened and determine culpability.

Pg 2B

Original title: Magellan SmartGPS takes right turn

Suggested title: Magellan SmartGPS takes right turn in response to competition

You have to winder if portable navigation devices for cars will meet the same fate as film cameras. If PNDs as they’re inelegantly called, aren’t exactly obsolete, the companies trying to sell them face major road-blocks. Dealer-installed navigation and infotainment systems, while still pricey, are becoming more common. Smartphones and tablets offer directions via free turn-by-turn navigation apps- Google Maps, Apple Maps or any number of third-party options.

Pg 4B

Original title: In redesign, Kia attempts to keep from losing its Soul

Suggested title: Kia attempts to stay fresh with a Soul redesign

In the auto business, tinkering with an original, breakthrough hit is something akin to trying to add a tattoo to the Mona Lisa. You do so at your own risk. But Kia is trying to do that with the first redo of the funky, fun little Soul to be shown today at the New York International Auto Show. Kia says the designers’ first key decision was that they weren’t going to mess up an original. They decided they didn’t want to add the Soul to a list of redesigns that didn’t fare as well as their splashy initial offerings.

Original title: Sport is a Range Rover worthy of 007

Suggested title: Range Rover launch the redone 2014 Sport in style.

Many people who live in this city (New York) define “car” as a yellow vehicle with a light on top and a driver who collects a far, But this city also is, oddly, the world’s best market for Land Rover’s Range Rover Sport the “entry” model, if you will, of Range Rover’s high-dollar, forever-rectilinear SUVs. And across the U.S., Sport is the best-selling vehicle of any kind for parent company Jaguar Land Rover. Sensible, then, for Land Rover to put on a show Tuesday evening for the launch of the redone 2014 Range Rover Sport, on sale this fall. That included a showy drive up usually packed 8th Avenue (blocked off and cleared of parked vehicles for this show), ending with a left turn onyo 33rd Stree and into a party of Range Rover loyalists.

Pg 5B

Original title: Cadillac courts younger customers

Suggested title: Cadillac target their next generation of loyalists

New CTS is tricked out to appeal to a hipper crowd. Cadillac’s unveiling of the redesigned 2014 CTS here Tuesday night began a new phase of the brand’s decade-long overhaul that began when the first CTS replaced the Catera in 2003. The next generation of CTS a mid-size sedan that was Cadillac’s best selling car last year, was uncovered at a glittery Lincoln Center in advance of the New York International Auto Show. The new CTS will give General Motors’ luxury brand new versions of all of its cars when the CYS goes on sale this fall…The 2014 CTS, one of the New York show stars, should be the next big step for the venerable brand in its move toward global credibility on the same level as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz rivals. But if past is prologue, it’ll be another small step toward weaning Cadillac from less-wealthy car buyers with graveyard demographics.

Pg 6B

Original title: Leaving the 9-to-5 by age 35?

Suggested title: Moving in order to save and retire before 40

To most people, “retiring early,” means 55. But to Jason Fieber, that’s too long to wait. Everything Fieber does is with one goal: retiring well before he hits the big 4-0. Fieber, a 30-year-old service adviser at a car dealership in Sarasota, Fla., even moved to the Sunshine State from his Michigan home, in large part to live in a state without income tax. The sunnier climate also lets him to more comfortably use the bus to get everywhere without a car.

Pg 1C

Original title: Nike takes a risk with a new Woods ad

Suggested title: Nike hope to capitalise on Tiger’s return to No. 1

Tiger Woods has continually insisted that “winning takes care of everything.” On Tuesday, Nike took that sentiment to market, capitalising on Woods’ return to No. 1 in the world rankings for the first time in 29 months. The last two weeks have delivered a series of positive headlines for Woods, who has established himself again as the favourite to win the Masters, set for April 11-14, and publicly revealed his relationship with skiing superstar Lindsey Vonn.

Pg 6C

Original title: Tough road ahead for Heat

Suggested title: Tough road ahead for Miami Heat

Things now begin to get difficult for the Miami Heat. After beating the four worst teams in the NBA Eastern Conference and extending their winning streak to 27 games with Monday’s 108-94 victory against the Orlando Magic, the Heat (56-14) will play four of their next seven games against playoff teams, starting today at the Chicago Bulls… “We didn’t have a goal in mind to say, ‘Let’s go on a long consecutive winning streak,’” the Heat’s LeBron said. “But our goal is to win every game that we are on the floor. It diesn’t happen like that every night, and we know that. But that is how we approach the game.”

Pg 3D

Original title: Here’s Huey Lewis with some news: The band’s touring again

Suggested title:

Thirty years ago, an album came out that seemed as if it had been recorded 30 years earlier. With its ‘50s harmonies, catchy pop hooks and clean-cut crooner, Sports was a retro bombshell during an ‘80s war for hairband supremacy… An album providing an avalanche of hits stands out in today’s singles-driven era, says Ian Drew, entertainment director at Us Weekly. “Having hit after hit is what you aspired to when you created a pop album, and in that way, Sports is very much like the INXS album Kick,” Drew says. “It was well-produced and well-written.”

Pg 6D

Children’s toy car advertisement: Xtreme Customz “Build your ride”

Starting the love for cars young

Austin American-Statesman – 02/04/13

Pg 1A/8A

Original title: Commute limit not applied to DPS No. 2

Suggested title: State pays for DPS Director’s SUV fuel and maintenance

For almost three years, Texas Department of Public Safety Assistant Director Nim Kidd has been commuting from home at state expense, though Kidd lives far beyond the 30-mile limit the DPS sets for employees who drive state-owned vehicles to work. So does Tom Polonis, a retired San Antonio police captain whom Kidd brough on in 2011 as a deputy assistant director at the Texas Division of Emergency Management and who put close to 35,000 miles on the odometer of this DPS vehicle last year.

Original title: White supremacist gang eyed in killing of DA, wife

Suggested title:

Two days after a North Texas district attorney and his wife were found shot to death in their home, authorities have said little about their investigation or any potential suspects. But suspicion in the slayings shifted Monday to a white supremacist prison gang with a long history of violence and retribution that was also the focus of a December law enforcement bulletin warning that its members might try to attack police or prosecutors.

Pg 4A

Car donation advertisement: Donate your car Wheels for wishes. Free vehicle picup anyhere. We accept all vehicles running or not. We also accept boats, motorcycles and RVs. Fully tax deductible.

Pg 5A

Original title: Report predicts bigger Lake Erie algae blooms

Suggested title: Lake Erie algae, a combination of natural and man-made pollution

It was the largest algae bloom in Lake Erie’s recorded history – a scummy, toxic blob that oozed across nearly one-fifth of the lake’s surface during the summer and fall of 2011. It sucked oxygen from the water, clogged boat motors and washed ashore in rotting masses that turned beach-goers stomachs…According to the report, which was compiled by more than two dozen scientists, the 2011 runaway bloom was fuelled by phosphorus-laden fertilizers that were swept from corn and soy-bean fields during heavy rainstorms.

Pg 6A

Original title: With drought gun to head, Texas acts

Suggested title: Drought fears lead to reconsidered State water laws

The drought might not be as bad at this point as it was two years ago, but it’s only because 2011 was the worst one-year drought in Texas history…According to the State Water Plan, released in January 2012, Texas; population will increase 82 percent by 2060, from 25.5 million to 46.3 million. Demand for water is projected to increase 22 percent during this time while the state’s water supplies decrease 10 percent as aquifers becomes depleted and existing reservoirs lose capacity due to sedimentation. Failure to act could mean economic losses of $12 billion a year during times of drought.

Original title: Texas must try harder to take care of it’s kids

Suggested title: Underfunding foster care hurts children who have been abused

“This is the one place anyone has ever been nice to me. It’s the place I felt safe.” These were the words of the young girl I found waiting outside the door of the Austin Children’s Shelter early on a chilly February morning. Tiredm dirty, cold and hungry, between sobs, she kept repeating: “It’s my fault. I left. I didn’t know.” Now 19 years old, she was terrified that she would be turned away, but she wasn’t. Simple human decency demanded that we find her a place – and the funding – for her. This young girl is one of the thousands of young people in Texas who have aged out of the foster care system; one of those who, at age 18, opted to leave the system to make it one her own…The under-funding of foster care rates by the state of Texas directly impacts the safety of children that have already endured unimaginable abuse and neglect.

Pg 5B

Original title: New GM pickup trucks to get better mileage

Suggested title:

Chevrolet is upping the ante in the tug-of-war with Ford over America’s favorite vehicles: pickup trucks. General Motors said Monday that its new Chevy Silverado will get 23 mpg on the highway with a 5.3 liter V-8 engine. That’s a little more than similarly equipped competitors from Ford, Chrysler and Toyota. The new trucks also promise more towing power.

Original title: Competition shakes up midsize autos market

Suggested title: New cars appeal to broader audience

For nearly two decades, the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord have ruled the midsized car market. Nobody accused them of being stylish or fast. But the cars rarely broke down and they held their value better than competitors. For drivers who wanted a family car, Camry and Accord got the job done and were good enough to become two of the best-selling cars of all time. But now the dominance is starting to slip. Cars like the Hyundai Sonata, Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima and Kia Optima have cut into sales of the Camry and Accord by offering combinations of sleek designs luxury-car features and better gas mileage…The new vehicles have made midsize cars appealing to a broader audience, from young families to downsizing baby boomers to people who want the look and feel of luxury but don’t want the cost.

Original title: Is home where profit is for J.C. Penny?

Suggested title:

J.C. Penny is honing in on its home department as part of a bigger plan to turn its stores into mini-malls of sorts. The struggling department-store chain is unveiling revamped home areas within its stores that feature 20 boutiques highlighting 50 new brands

Pg 1D

Original title: Singer bridges two worlds

Suggested title: Singer navigates her Mexican-American culture

The story of a singer and songwriter Lila Downs’ journey toward self discovery, along eith topics she explores in her own work, can serve as lights illuminating Mexican-Americans and their struggles navigating dual countries and cultures. Yet Dons’ background is not typical from many Mexican Americans. Her father, Allen Downs, was a Scottish-American artist and filmmaker and a professor at the University of Minnesota. He met Downs’ mother, Anita Sanchez, a Mixtec Indian from Tlaxiaco in Oaxaca state, when he walked into a Mexico City club where she was singing. Lila (pronounced Lee-la) was born in Oaxaca in 1968. Allen Downs – who was 20 years older than Anita – died when Lila was 16. Lila grew up splitting her time between Oaxaca and Minneapolis, lived for a time in California and graduated from the university where her father had taught. Youthful identity crises led her down several lifestyle cul-de-sacs…

Original title: Wobeon adds world music to Austin’s festival scene

Suggested title:

Add Wobeon Fest, or the Austin World Music Festival, to Austin’s already vibrant list of music celebrations…”The goal was to make it family-friendly and affordable,” said founder Jakes Srinivasan, who was inspired after having susses putting on a show during South by South-west. That event, which featured seven bands, was an extension of his website, World Beat Online (hence the name Wobeon). That site was born out of Srinivasan’s fascination with the diversity of music he discovered when he moved to Austin five years ago from New York. In a town with a reputation for country and rock acts, he sought to spread the word about groups such as Austin-based Hard Proof Afrobeat, who are on the festival lineup. “There’s a whole world that people need to explore,” he said.

Pg 2D

Original title: Maroon 5 tour coming to Austin

Suggested title:

Maroon 5 says they’re working on a new album, but before that the pop-rockers will launch a summer tour that finds the fivesome playing outdoors. The Grammy-winning band announced Monday that they will headline the 2013 Honda Civic Tour, which kicks off Aug. 1 in St Louis and will feature Kelly Clarkson. They make an Austin stop Sept. 18 at the Austin360 Ampitheater.

USA Today – 02/04/13

Pg 3A

Original title: White Supremacists under scrutiny in Texas slayings

Suggested title:

Investigators trying to solve the murders of a North Texas district attorney, his wife and an assistant prosecutor are zeroing in on a local white supremacist prison gang known for brutal retaliations against its own members and running methamphetamine and other drugs outside prison walls…The couples slaying came less than two weeks after Colorado’s prison chief was gunned down at his front door, apparently by an ex-convict with ties to another white supremacist gang, raising the spectre of a white supremacist connection. The suspect, Even Spencer Ebel, died in a shootout with Texas deputies two days later after a high speed chase about 100 miles from Kaufman County.

Pg 4A

Car Advertisement: The all-new Mazda6, world car design of the year award finalist… “What do you drive?”

Pg 5A


LOUISIANA Port Allen: Wilfred Barry, president of the design firm SJB Group is working with six parishes on a “West Bank Connector” plan that would build a $166 billion highway connecting Port Allen with New Orleans.

NEVADA Moapa: Bail was set at $3.5 million Monday for a teen jailed here on felony drunken-driving charges in a weekend crash that killed five family members on an interstate northeast of Las Vegas. Jean Ervin Soriano, 18, said he lives in St. George, Utah, and has no ties to Nevada, prosecutor Brian Rutledge said. Arraignment is April 10.

Pg 1B

Original title: Aereo win may give TV viewers flexibility

Suggested title: Aereo provides “a private performance” for TV viewers

Cutting the cable-TV cord just got a little easier for some consumers. In a blow to major TV broadcasters, a federal appeals court ruled Monday that start-up Aereo can continue to stream live local TV through its website and app. The decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York, affirms an earlier ruling that Aereo doesn’t violate broadcasters’ copyrights in airing programs over the internet from mini-antennas in Brooklyn…” While public performances of stations’ content would infringe on copyrights, Aereo argued that transmissions from antennas individually leased to subscribers is equivalent to “a private performance.”

Pg 2B

Original title: GM touts new trucks’ towing

Suggested title: Automaker boasts top gas mileage

General Motors says its redone 2014 Chevrolet and GMC pickups with get the top gas mileage of any big pickups. GM also announced pricing, power ratings and towing-and-hauling capabilities for the new full-size pickups…Mileage is important to automakers, because trucks must meet the same 54.5 mpg federal standard in 2025 that applies to cars that year.

Original title: Boston Market to serve up St. Louis-style ribs

Suggested title: Boston Market’s new product hopes to appeal to a wider audience

Boston Market is expanding beyond its well-known rotisserie chicken offering for a new meat: ribs. The chain hopes the ribs, its biggest food launch in six years, will bring in new customers. “It’s a new product that will appeal to a wide audience,” said CEO George Michel. “Ribs are not a product most people feel comfortable cooking at home.” Boston Market, which has 471 locations nationwide, offers food such as rotisserie chicken, turkey, brisket and vegetable sides for people to eat in its restaurants or take out for meals at home.

Pg 7B

Original title: Zagat’s menu of iconic restaurants

Suggested title: Zagat’s iconic restaurants for business travellers

It’s the rabbit pasta, and other “great” service that keep bringing frequent business traveler Lisa Price of Franklin, Tenn., back to Mamma Maria restaurant in Boston’s North End. Price, a nurse for a medical device company, says the Italian restaurant – which has floor-to-ceiling windows looking out at the city skyline and the cobblestones of North Square – is a Boston icon and her favorite place for a meal on a business trip. Many business travelers return regularly to cities’ iconic restaurants, places where a famous dish, local cuisine, décor, service or history make an out-of-towner feel as though they’re a part of a city or even a regular customer.

Pg 8B

Original title: Healthy food served with a side of speed

Suggested title: Healthy fast food aims to generate a loyal following

Clover Food Lad is so efficient, it claims to be able to serve six to 10 customers a minute and make a meal in three-and-a-half minutes flat. Why should McDonald’s have all the fun? Clover’s food is locally sourced, organic, vegetarian healthy stuff made from scratch… “People have all sorts of negative associations with fast food, but there’s lots of good things about fast food too. There’s a reason we eat so much of it as a country,” says Muir… “People are creatures of habit. They go for the food. Clover’s doing everything they can to discourage people,” she says. “It’s going to be very difficult to win loyalty.”

Pg 3C

Original title: This final four full of intriguing stories

Suggested title: The roads that led to the Final Four

Here is not your normal Final Four team anecdote. Nurses told Rick Pitino that the first time Kevin Ware cried, just before surgery, was as he watched his Louisville teammates talking about him on TV. This Final Four has faces now, one of them still in an Indianapolis hospital… Michigan will play six freshmen, but nobody will call them the Fab Six. Michigans’s John Beilein could finally be recognised as the accomplished, if unheralded, coach he is. The nation could learn how he has never been an assistant in his 35-year career. How he has never been fired. How he grew up 120 miles from Boeheim in upstate New York and once coached the Division II Le Moyne Dolphins, just down the road from Boeheim at Syracuse. “I wouldn’t suggest this route I took to anyone,” he said Monday.

Pg 6D

Original title: Denver tribute takes many musical roads

Suggested title:

In the ‘70s, John Denver built a career by recording songs that appealed to pretty much everybody but rock snobs. This tribute to the singer who died in a self-piloted plane crash in 1997, takes a similar approach.

USA Today – 04/03/13

Pg 3A

Original title: Georgia town not alone in using gun law as ‘deterrent’

Suggested title:

The exception-riddled mandatory gun-ownership law just passed by the town of Nelson, 33 miles to the north is modeled on a similar law enacted more than three decades ago by the city of Kennesaw. In 1982, Kennesaw was a city of about 500, “a rural population of Southern conservatives, strong Second Amendment advocates,” city spokeswoman Pam Davis says. The city enacted the measure in response to a law passed in Morton Grove, Ill., that outlawed gun ownership… More than three decades after Kennesaw enacted its gun law, the measure still draws visitors to the city. It has grown to 30,000, is now a suburb of Atlanta and home to the state’s third-largest university, Kennesaw State University, Davis says.

Original title: Death rates rise at remote hospitals

Suggested title: Mortality rates rise at small remote hospitals

For 15 years, Congress has bestowed special privileges to small remote hospitals, usually in rural areas, to help them stay afloat. Medicare pays them more than it pays most hospitals and exempts them from financial pressure to operate efficiently and requirements to reveal how their patients fare. Nearly one in four hospitals qualifies from the program… Joynt and co-authors John Orav and Dr. Ashish Jha, also of Harvard, suggested that the hospitals’ care may suffer because they don’t have the latest sophisticated technology or specialists to reat the increasingly elderly and frail rural populations.

Pg 4A


UTAH Salt Lake City: Thieves pulled off the largest single copper-wire heist in Utah history by snatching up 35,000 feet of wire from lighting poles along a stretch of highway near Salt Lake City. The state has spent $450,000 replacing stolen copper wire in the past two years.

CALIFORNIA Los Angeles: The city unveiled a smartphone app that lets residents report potholes, pay city utility bills and look up dog parks. They can eve snap photos to accompany reports of potholes or graffiti.

Pg 6A

Original title: Chipotle sets an example with scouts

Suggested title: Local sponsorship deal sets an example for business worldwide

The Great Salt Lake Council Scout-O-Rame next month is just a local event, for a few thousand boys, featuring knot-tying, leatherwork, kayaking, karaoke and the cherished pinewood derby model car races. The event marks 100 years of Scouting in Utah. It also marks a dramatic – and utterly uplifting – change in how business is conducted worldwide. The drama resides in the sponsorship of Scout-O-Rama – or, more recisely, the non-sponsorship. Chipotle Mexican Grill, the nearly $3 billion multinational burrito chain, had agreed locally to underwrite $4,200 worth of coupon prizes for Scout-O-Rama but was obliged last month to pull out when someone at headquarters realized the sponsorship would violate Chipotle’s corporate no-discrimination policies. The Boy Scouts of America continue to exclude gays…There was a time – i.e., the entire history of commerce until now – that such a principled decision would never have been made. Local managers were free to do all the local promotion they wanted according to local conditions and local values…Not anymore…because of the digital revolution.

Pg 7A

National Water Challenge Advertisement: Help you city win the National Water Challenge and a Prius C (car) for yourself. Did you know that when we save water, we save energy, money and our nations most valuable resources? Sponsored by Toyota.

Pg 1B

Original title: Economy helps more people pack up and move

Suggested title: Stronger market assists Americans relocating for jobs

More Americans appear to be moving as a better economy and a stronger housing market take hold. In January and February, 5.4% more households moved this year than last, based on data from the nine largest moving companies, says the American Moving & Storage Association… As the economy recovers, people are moving longer distances says Jed Kolko, economist of real estate website Trulia. All of last year’s increase in household moves involed re-settlements in another county or state, he says. Meanwhile, there was little change in the number of moves to another house within the same county.

Pg 2B

Original title: Detroit leads March auto sales

Suggested title:

Detroit automakers ruled the March sales charts, parlaying their truck and SUV expertise into solid gains while Asian rivals – except for Honda – lagged…Overall sales of new cars and trucks in March hit nearly 1.5 million, up 3.4% from the year-ago tally, according to Autodata. General Motors, Ford Motor and Chrysler Group, along with Honda, outperformed the market. “The industry is being fuelled by cars, credit and confidence,” says Bob Carter, a Toyota senior vice president. “People are back in the mood to buy a car”

Pg 4B

Original title: Subaru recalling vehicles to fix brake problem

Suggested title:

Subaru is recalling about 200,000 Legacy and Outback all-wheel-drive vehicles in the U.S. because brake lines can rust and leak fluid. The recall affects cars in the 2005-2009 model years sold in areas where salt is used on roads in winter. Subaru says in documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that salty waters can cause the brake lines to rust and leak. If fluid leaks, it could take longer for drivers to stop the cars, increasing the risk of a crash.

Pg 1/2D

Original title: Young celebs pipe up for pot

Suggested title: Stigma goes up in smoke as celebrity pot smokers come out of the closet

The toke torch is being passed in Tinseltown. It used to be that Hollywood potheads were grizzled and off-the-mainstream grid – think Cheech & Chong and Willie Nelson. Then edgy rappers such as Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill became the famous faces of marijuana, with a couple of mischievous Texans thrown in: Woody Harrelson and a naked-and-bongo-playing Matthew McConaughey. Today’s stars caught with cannabis? Meet the mostly twenty something toke turks: “They’re the antithesis of counterculture, including heartthrobs such as Justin Bieber, Chace Crawford, Michael Phelps and Armie Hammer…”Law enforcement is concerned with people who deal marijuana,” Slotnick says. “This is a personal choice and a personal lifestyle that’s more and more accepted by society today. While it may be offensive to some people, it’s not likely to get great attention by law enforcement.”

USA Today – 04/04/13

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Original title: Car accidents: Weather’s biggest killer

Suggested title:

Although large weather events such as tornadoes and hurricanes get most of the news media’s attention, the USA’s biggest weather killer by far is car accidents, says James Koermer, a meteorology professor at Plymouth State Universoty in New Hampshire. On average, more than 7,000 Americans die in weather-related wrecks each year on our nation’s highways, according to data from the Federal Highway Administration.

Original title: Obama lauds Colo. as model on guns

Suggested title: Obama praises new gun laws in Colorado and Connecticut

President Obama is looking to rally gun-control backers in Washington by trumpeting the success of allies in states such as Colorado and Connecticut. Facing touch congressional fight in the coming weeks, Obama praised a new set of gun laws in Colorado on Wednesday and said they are in line with what he wants to do nationally.

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NEBRASKA Lincoln: Blacks in two of the state’s largest metro areas are stopped by police at roughly twice the rate of their percentage of the population, according to a yearly Crime Commission report. In Douglas County, blacks represent 10.4% of the adult population but represent 19.8% of those stopped for suspected traffic violations.

NEW JERSEY Atlantic City: The South Jersey Transportation Authority reported the number of casino buses and passengers has dropped for the past 24 consecutive months. In February, 140,000 people rode the buses, 30% fewer than February 2012 and about half from two years ago.

OREGON Eugene: A driver allegedly reached a speed of 120 mph with his 3-year-old son in the backseat during a 40-mile chase on Interstate 5. It ended when the fleeing car collided with another car on an off ramp. No one was injured. Troopers arrested Kameron Michael Payne, 32, of McCleary, Wash. The 3-year-old boy was taken into protective custody.

TEXAS Austin: The House formally named the pecan pie Texas’ official state pie on Wednesday.

WYOMING Cheyenne: A woman is behind bars, accused of intentionally hitting three women with her car in a bar parking lost. Julia Big Crow, 20, was held at the Laramie County jail on aggravated assault charges.

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Original title: We can let love win

Suggested title: Deliberations in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings

Our daughter, Ana Grace Marquez-Greene, would be 7 years old today if she hadn’t been murdered less than four months ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School…We don’t need new laws to begin strengthening the bonds of family and community. We can be more giving, loving parents, friends and neighbors. We can offer love to those who are outcasts or alone…But we must do more…We must look to our elected leaders and demand that they act with love, to protect every citizen from gun violence. There is no one easy solution. Our mental health system needs an overhaul, and that will take time.

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Original title: Pepsi’s sure it has the right one, baby

Suggested title: Beyoncé fronts the new Pepsi campaign

Goodbye, Pepsi Generation. Hello Beyoncé Generation. Pepsi today will attempt to launch its brand – and hired hand Beyoncé – into the pop-culture stratosphere with a 60-second commercial featuring the wildly popular pop singer…The ad comes at a time when top-draw celebrities are increasingly calling the sponsorship shots as they reach for more creative control and push harder to embellish their own brands, even as they get paid millions to hype sponsor brands. “We’re entering the age of the celebrity industrial complex,” says Patricia Martin, author of Renaissance Generation: The Rise of the Cultural Consumer and What it Means to Your Business. “It’s no longer about taking a fee, but about two brands coming together so they both move product.”

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Original title: Walgreens listen to your heart - really

Suggested title: Retail store chain to treat and diagnose patients

It’s not just sore throats and flu shots anymore. Walgreens today becomes the first retail store chain to expand its health services to include diagnosing and treating patients for chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes and high cholesterol. The move is the retail industry’s boldest push yet into an area long controlled by physicians, and comes amid continuing concerns about health care costs and a potential shortage of primary care doctors…Other retailer store clinics such as those at Walmart, CVS and Target stores, help customers manage chronic illnesses but generally do so only after they’ve been diagnosed elsewhere.

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Original title: NCAA tournament coaches pay

Suggested title: Pay packages for head coaches of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament

Louisville’s Rick Pitino: $5 million. Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim $1.9 million. Michigan’s John Beilein $1.9 million. Wichita State’s Gregg Marshall $1.2 million.

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Original title: ‘Quiet’ Ware gives thanks for support

Suggested title: Injured basketball player receives nationwide support

At first, Louisville guard Kevin Ware thought he had tweaked his ankle. But even when he realized it was much more serious than that – much more serious – he couldn’t have imagined the amount of support from across the country he’s received since suffering a gruesome leg injury on national television Sunday. Even first lady Michelle Obama reached out… He is expected to be with the team in Atlanta, his hometown, this weekend for the Final Four.

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Original title: Injured Hamlin Blames Logano

Suggested title: Blame laid for NASCAR injury

Showing minimal aftereffects of the crash that has sidelined him, Denny Hamlin was in good spirits and solid stature Wednesday at Joe Gibbs Racing… The pain has faded from the last-lap skirmish with Joey Logano on March 24 at Auto Club Speedway that left him with a broken vertebra. But his discontent with Logano hasn’t. “I don’t blame him for the particular injury,” Hamlin said in his first extensive interview since returning last week from an overnight hospital stay. “I do for the wreck… Listening to him say ‘I’m sure Denny’s fine, these car’s are safe.’ That really gets me, because he’s taking for granted no matter how hard you wreck, you’re going to be fine. That’s why people don’t wreck each other intentionally on big racetracks. This is what can happen. He was being very careless and not caring about any repercussions and taking for granted how safe the cars have been over the years.”

Original title: Texas speedway not dropping guns

Suggested title: Texas speedway upholds six-shooter victory lane celebration

Texas Motor Speedway is sticking to its guns. After considering a change to the Texas victory lane celebration, track President Eddie Gossage has decided to keep the tradition of having the winning driver fire six-shooters. Gossage had been concerned that a sponsor would be uncomfortable with a driver firing guns after winning the NRA 500 on April 13. But the guns, along with the victory lane cowboy hats, are the track’s “green jacket,” Gossage told USA Today Sports on Wednesday. Firing the guns is no different than when muskets are fired after the New England Patriots score a touchdown, he said…The NRA sponsorship is a particularly sensitive issue because it was announced just after NASCAR backed a Sandy Hook School Support Fund car in the Daytona 500 But Gossage said the NRA 500 was a sports marketing opportunity, not a political statement.

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Original title: Is Don Draper alone? You’re not alone in your curiosity

Suggested title:

Don Draper’s honeymoon phase may be over, but where does that leave his marriage – and his life? Mad Men viewers last saw the 1960s ad man (Jon Hamm) on a precipice, sitting in a bar evaluating a beautiful woman’s proposition – “Are you alone?” – as Season 5 closed last year. The acclaimed AMC drama will tackle the larger theme starting with the two-hour Season 6 premiere Sunday (9 ET/PT). “We will answer that question, because I always felt like Don not answering that question was me telling the audience he doesn’t know,” creator Matthew Weiner says. “Is he physically alone? Yeah. Is he sexually available? Maybe. But is he alone? He was not alone when he was with Megan.”

Original title: ‘Tonight Show’ revs up for a new generation

Suggested title:

…But Fallon’s late-night map looks to be trickier to navigate…It’s a generational shift at an icon of late-night TV: NBC’s Tonight Show has anointed only its sixth host in its 59-year history. Jimmy Fallon will take over fir Jay Leno late next February, the network confirmed Wednesday, after Leno is ushered off the stage for the second time in a 22-year run. With the handoff, expected just after the promotional push during NBC’s Winter Olympics, Tonight will move back to Fallon’s base in New York City from Burbank, Calif., its home for more than 30 years.

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Original title: There’s trouble down the road if you’re letting life get to you

Suggested title:

…Bumper-to-bumper stress now can wreck your brain in 10 years…Here’s a good reason to get a grip on the stress in your life. If you handle stress poorly – everything from conflicts at work to disagreements with your spouse to irritations such as sitting in traffic jams – it may put you at greater risk for anxiety disorders and other mental health problems 10 years later, a study shows…It’s not the number of daily stressors, it’s how you respond: If you get anxious or sad about stress, it may take a toll on your mental healthy, she says.

Times Record News – 05/04/2014

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Original title: Is it elementary: West Foundation calling for traffic regulation

Suggested title:

Increased attendance, a busy road and a lack of more than one way in and out of the Lake Wellington subdivision has caused concerned parents to ask the city to look at implementing a school speed zone along Barnett Road. “The cars on Barnett…have no clue that there’s a school in that subdivision unless you live here,” Cox said. “We have no signage. Not only do I want a sign, I want it to be flashing. It needs to be a school speed zone.”

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Original title: Bacon is out of the kitchen, showing versatility

Suggested title: America’s love of bacon moves beyond gastronomy

Can you really have too much of a good thing? Apparently, when it comes to bacon, the answer is no. If the adage is true that you are what you eat, then we must be one giant sizzling, walking slice of bacon. Not only did Denny’s introduce a maple syrup bacon sundae in 2011 as part of its first Baconalia (a celebration of bacon), but Burger Kind unleashed its own bacon sundae on the unsuspecting American public last summer. The Slater’s 50/50 burger chain in California…rolled out the ‘Merica, a 100 percent ground bacon burger, just in time for the Fourth of July in 2012. It came topped with a slice of thick-cut bacon, bacon island dressing and bacon-flavoured cheddar cheese, by the way. If that wasn’t enough – and apparentl, it wasn’t – now J&D Foods has launched bacon sunscreen and, wait for it, bacon condoms. Yes, you heard right. Bacon condoms.

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Times Record News – 06/04/2013

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Original title: Woman gets 10 years for two robberies

Suggested title:

A woman involved in two armed robberies within minutes of each other April 30 pleaded guilty to armed robbery and was sentenced Friday in 30th District Court to serve 10 years in prison. Olgalidia Castro Pando, 27, address listed in the 2700 block of Avenue G, robbed a Stripes convenience store, 1000 Holiday Road, wielding a knife about 1:10 a.m. She demanded money, left the store on foot with about $20 and was seen walking on 11th Street… At 1:35 a.m. an ATM robbery at 2733 Midwestern Parkway, resulted in the victim following the suspect’s vehicle, a gray Honda Pilot, until police arrived…

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Original title: Three charged in arson scheme

Suggested title: Car set on fire to avoid paying for it

Three people have been jailed on charges of burning an automobile so it’s owner could avoid payments. According to arrest affidavits: About 10:40 p.m. on march 11, a witness at Babe’s Nightclub on McKinney Road notified the sheriff’s office that a vehicle was on fire in the parking lot. The witness said she saw a red pickup leaving the property…About the same time, Justus called the Iowa Park Police Department and reported her car stolen…Further investigation showed the Chevrolet Cruz that belonged to Justus had a theft deterrent that made it impossible to start without a factory-coded key.

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Classifieds: Mostly car adverts, but also houses, to buys, crosswords, cartoons

USA Today Weekend – 05-07/04/2013

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Car advertisement: We couldn’t bear the thought of arriving unnoticed. The all-new 2013 Lincoln MKZ. Now in showrooms.

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Original title: Facebook: No place like Home

Suggested title:

Facebook on Thursday unveiled its long-rumored mobile phone foray, in a grab for greater mobile ad dollars that puts the social network’s services front and center on the home screen. The social giant unveiled an Android download that can transform mobile phones to feature on homes screens its family of Facebook apps, without clicking into apps, along with a phone coming from HTC. “You’re going to be able to turn your Android phone into a great social phone,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said at a press conference at the company’s headquarters here. “We’re calling this Home.”

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Original title: KFC say there will be no bones to pick here

Suggested title: KFC’s boneless chicken to transform how people think about the brand

In an astonishing brand reversal, KFC is about to stake its future on a red-hot concept that might have caused Colonel Sanders to see red: boneless chicken. KFC, the chicken kingpin desperately in search of a new identity, will today announce plans to roll out Original Recipe Boneless – which executives insist may be the brand’s most important step forward since it was founded more than 60 years ago…The target: an ultra-finicky generation of Millenials…the societal demand for the kind of convenience that lets folks drive with one hand while gobbling lunch with the other has left KFC scrambling to create one-fisted foods that don’t leave bones and gristle falling in customer laps. “If it can’t be held in one hand or a cup holder – don’t bother making it”, says Christopher Muller, dean at Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration. “That’s the reality of the mobile world”… “I don’t mind paying more for some more convenience”.

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Original title: Range Rover, come over

Suggested title: The new and improved Range Rover reviewed

It’s risky to tackle an icon. The “improvements” might ruin it. Land Rover wins applause for having the courage to redesign its flagship Range Rover, and a standing ovation for the way the 2013 Range Rover overhaul came out. Because of its ability to do about everything well, and the tasteful way it wraps you in almost overwhelming luxury, you’re forgiven if you decide the new Rangw Rover is the most desirable vehicle on the road.

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Original title: Many roads led to Wichita State

Suggested title:

Throughout what was widely viewed as a rebuilding season for Wichita State, coach Gregg Marshall’s wife, Lynn, remanded steadfast in one belief: No team in her husband’s 15 seasons as a Division 1 head coach embodied his persona more than this one. With several players who took meandering, pothole-laden paths to Wichita State…

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Original title: Add ‘creative director’ to these stars’ résumés

Suggested title:

Beyoncé contributed more than her famous face and voice to the new Pepsi ad released Thursday. The pop superstar helped conceive and produce the spot, pitching in for storyboarding, wardrobe and tagline creation. As usual, Mrs. Carter is right on trend – part of a new regime of celebrity creative directors…Weeks after Pepsi announced Beyoncé as its new creative “partner and brand ambassador” in December, fellow A-listers Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Alicia Keys were tapped by Budweiser, MAC Cosmetics and Blackberry, respectively, for creative directorships. But, is this latest trend in celebrity-fueled marketing just an advertising gimick to avoid the word “endorsement”?

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Original title: 10 great places: Don’t glaze over these doughnuts

Suggested title:

The humble doughnut is having its moment. Trained chefs are opening storefronts featuring outlandish doughnut flavors, from green tea to the already-classic maple bacon. Author and pastry chef George Geary sample the offerings around the country as he compiled his book 150 Best Donut Recipes Fried or Baked (Robert Rose). He says that despite the innovations, the trend is fuelled by nostalgia: “It brings back memories of childhood.”

USA Today – 09/04/13

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Original title: App aims to steer ten drivers to safety

Suggested title:

The University of North California is releasing what it calls the first research-based app for parents of teen drivers. It focuses not on restricting behind-the-wheel cellphone use, but on helping novice drivers gain valuable experience in a variety of driving conditions. “What it does is set goals for parents and teens to work toward during that learning stage to make sure they get lots of practice in a wide variety of settings,” says Arthur Goodwin, senior research associate at UNC’s Highway Safety Research Center in Chapel Hill.

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MAINE Montpelier: It’s mud season in Maine, when the thawing winter landscape turns dirt roads into mucky seas. While some people fear getting their cars stuck in the mud, some revel in the opportunity to go “mudding.” Maine forest rangers warn people not to tear up roads and fields with four-wheel-drive vehicles.

ARIZONA: A growing number of states are working on ways to increase the readability of both standard and specialty license plates, which state and law enforcement officials say has become an increasing public safety issue. “If police officers who have training, in identifying license plates can’t make them out, what are the chances that a citizen who just catches a plate going by and sees the by numbers will be able to tell you what it was?” says Sgt. Bill Murphy of the Pima, Ariz., county sheriff’s department.

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Original title: Chevrolet Impala aims to reclaim glory

Suggested title:

Back in the ‘60s, the Chevrolet Impala was America’s car, a symbol of General Motors’ dominance of the auto market. Ever since, sales of the full-sized sedan have ridden a roller coaster along with GM, gyrating gas prices and a move to crossovers or smaller cars. Now comes the 2014 Impala, and GM hopes that's its fable nameplate will reclaim some luster. The new design is more compelling than the yawner it replaces, a snooze that has became a rental-fleet mainstay.

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Original title: Green of the road: Airlines, hotels, cars more eco-friendly

Suggested title:

When you travel these days, you’re doing so in a more environmentally friendly fashion than you did a decade ago – and you probably can’t even tell. Airlines are flying planes that have more fuel-efficient engines and are lighter in weight to save on costly jet fuel. Architects are designing hotels to be more efficient in their use of energy and water, and to reduce waste. Rental car agencies are adding more hybrid and electric cars to their fleets.

The Wall Street Journal – 10/04/2013

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Original title: America’s new energy boom is a bust for foreign suppliers

Suggested title: America’s new energy boom drives Canada to discount their oil

For the better part of a year, Canadian officials and executives watched for afar as a shale-oil boom exploded south of the border. But it wasn’t until last fall that the full impact of the U.S. energy boom hit the provincial government here in the heart of Canada’s oil patch…Amid a bottleneck of too few pipelines and too much new oil across the U.S. Midwest, Canadian producers had started agreeing to steeper and steeper discounts to get their oil to American refiners, their only foreign buyers.

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Original title: Test-marketing a modern princess

Suggested title:

What makes a princess irresistible to little girls who love pink – and tolerable to their parents who want modern role models? Walt Disney Co, a company that has built mammoth product franchises out of traditional princesses, thinks a new princess should be confident, resourceful and focused on being a good person. She should not be valued most of all for her beauty. Her royal family should include exactly zero evil stepmothers. For five years, a Disney team of writers, child development and early-education experts and storytelling consultants worked to create this new sort of royal girl: Sofia the First.

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Original title: Car makers pitch power as the ultimate luxury

Suggested title:

In an era when a car’s appeal seems largely defined by greener-than-thou engines and cooler-than-thou infotainment apps, luxury auto makers are looking for buyers who value a decidedly more old-fashioned attribute: hard-driving horsepower. Big luxury brands are hoping to expand an elite market of drivers who are drawn to high-end performance vehicles engineered to racing standards, cars like BMW’s M series, Audi’s RS models, Cadillac’s V-series and Mercedes-Benz’s AMG line…To draw a new generation of affluent car-enthusiast buyers, the big luxury brands are expanding their lineups of high-horsepower cars.

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Original title: Me & My car: Columnist Jonathan Welsh answers readers questions about automobiles

Suggested title:

Q: I drive approximately 30,000 miles a year for my job. I’ve always kept a can of “fix a flat” in my trunk for emergency use. My new VW has a tire-pressure monitoring system and my mechanic says not to use flat-tire fixers as they will ruin the monitoring system. Some cans advertise in the label as being safe for such systems. Who’s correct? A: Flat-fixing sprays, sometimes called “tire-slime,” are typically last-ditch remedies meant to get you home after a flat tire. They often leave the tire out of balance and in less road-worthy condition for the long term. The same goes fort he tire-pressure-monitoring sensors required in newer cars. As I understand, even the products that claim to be “safe” for tire-monitoring systems still leave the sensors in need of cleaning. You should figure on replacing the tire – and the sensor- after using a flat fixing slime.

USA Today – 11/04/2013

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Original title: Thousands rally for immigration bill

Suggested title: Immigration bill protests seek to influence Congress

It was a long journey from Guatemala to the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol, but Mayra Ragon says the trip was worth it. Ragon was among tens of thousands of immigrants and their supporters which gathered under a hot sun Wednesday to show support for proposals that would grant a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s 11 million undocumented immingrants.

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Original title: Senate appears ready to move on guns

Suggested title:

For the first time in years, gun-control advocates may have some legislative victories over the next few days as the Senate cleared key hurdles to getting a vote on a broad package of new gun rules. They say is it still a long way from becoming law. Nearly four months after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and two decades since President Clinton signed the last major gun-control law, the Senate is poised to take up a gun bill that would expand background checks, beef up a national criminal database and crack down on straw purchase of firearms.

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Original title: Taco Bell promises better nutrition – by 2020

Suggested title:

Taco Bell – long-known as a place to load upon low-price, high-calorie, high-sodium grub – wants to fix the high-calorie and high-sodium part. By 2020, that is. The nation’s largest Mexican fast-food chain on Wednesday announced new nutritional plans to have 20% of its combo meals (min item, side dish and beverage) meet one-third of the federal government’s recommended dietary guidelines by 2020. One-third was chosen because the guidelines are based on an average three meals consumed daily.

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Original title: Extra, extra: Newspapers aren’t dead

Suggested title:

Painfully slowly, not all that surely, but still, a new business model for newspapers is taking shape. It’s hardly time to uncork the Champagnes. The challenges remain formidable. But after years of steady, ominous decline in the face of digital disruption, the long-derided dinosaurs are showing signs that they may not be leaving the building anytime soon.

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Original title: Ansah charges around learning curve

Suggested title:

The smiles and the stares were the most difficult thing to get used to. Even now, nearly five years after moving to Utah, from Accra, Ghana, Ezekiel “Ziggy” Ansah finds it odd that strangers will smile at him when they pass him on the street, in restaurants and in stores. As Ansah left a pizza place north of camps this spring, patrons dining at three different tables stopped him to say hello or wish him luck at pro day or with the NFL draft.

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Original title: Pressure will only build if Tiger falters

Suggested title:

Tiger Woods last won a major golf tournament when George W. Bush was president. Eighteen majors have come and gone since Tiger won the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines. There is no one on earth more surprised by this development than Tiger himself. Not only can Woods do something about that this week at the 2013 Masters, he must do something about it. If ever there was a must-win situation in golf, this is it If Tiger is to really become Tiger again, if he is to build on his 14 majors and have a chance to catch and surpass Jack Nicklaus’ total of 18, he has to win this tournament this week.

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Original title: Rolling Stones: Timeless titans of the rock tour

Suggested title: Rolling Stones: ‘raring to go’ on the road again

The day after Charlie Watts turns 72 on June 2, he’ll be drumming onstage at the United Center in Chicago, the seventh stop on the Rolling Stones’ 50 and Counting tour. “He’s just coming into his stride,” Keith Richards cracks. Famous for flippantly deflecting barbs about the band’s advancing years, the guitarist, 69 finally does concede that “we have to pace ourselves a but.” “Of course age comes into play,” he says. “But if you’ve got a frontman like Mick Jagger, and he’s raring to go, let’s go.”

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