Aleksander Komarov - CV

May 2017

Opening events: 17-21, May, 2017

DRAFT SYSTEMS, 17th edition of the WRO Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland

OCTOBER , 2016

'Migration Card', Kaliningrad NCCA, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Russia,

‘Afterglow’’, in collaboration with Maxim Tyminko, algorithm / live stream.

Der Körnerpark in Berlin Neukölln, Germany

'We move in slow motion', Lab,Berlin , Germany


ISCP Studio, Brooklyn, New York ,

Aleksander Komarov

27 Canal Street # 2B

New York NY 10002

phone number: (917) 981-0103


NOVEMBER 13, 2015 - NOVEMBER 14, 2015

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, November 13, 6-9pm

OPEN HOURS: Saturday, November 14, 1-8pm

The International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) Fall Open Studios is a two-day exhibition of international contemporary art. The thirty-three artists and curators from fifteen countries currently in residence present work in their studios. The studio is a generative space – part production site, office, laboratory and situation – and it can be argued that it is more significant today for the artistic process than ever before. Open Studios invites the public to studio visits to experience art in its place of origin and to share conversations with artists and curators from all over the world.

Artists and curators participating in Open Studios:

Tony Albert (Australia), Henni Alftan (Finland), Aleksander Komarov ( Berlin, Germany), Iliana Antonova (Canada), Julie Béna (France), Carl Boutard (Sweden), Naomi Campbell (USA), Lourdes Correa-Carlo (USA), Donald Daedalus (USA), Sara Eliassen (Norway), Dylan Gauthier (USA), Hulda Guzmán (Dominican Republic), Mark Hilton (USA), Jytte Høj (Denmark), Saskia Janssen (Netherlands)

Aleksander Komarov studio ISCP 2015


6th Moscow Biennale

from September 22 to October 1, 2015, at Pavilion No.1 in Moscow's VDNKh


Aleksander Komarov ‘Stock-Estate’ 2015

multichannel video installation | 2 frameless 1080p monitors, wooden box with a computer, video cables, sound



Kaliningrad NCCA, National Centre for Contemporary Arts

11.09 - 27.09.2015

Aleksander Komarov ‘Language Lessons’ 2013/2015, 20 min

Video installation | 1 screen with 2 projections from either side of the screen, sound


Berl's Poetry Shop, 126A Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, US

Telephone #4, August 2015,

Aleksander Komarov «So whatever, not me, but at least her…»

2015, video | sound

This issue features the Russian poet Sveta Litvak, as translated by:

Shane Anderson, Vlad Bely, Marina Blitshteyn, Jenny Boully, Brandon Brown, Anastasia Cherov, Alexander Cigale, Eric Ellingsen, Ernesto Estrella, Johannes Goransson, Rozalie Hirs, Lucy Ives, Christine Kanownik, Aleksander Komarov, Steven Seidenberg, Mathias R. Samuelsen, Nadja Serry, Paige Taggart


PROJECTIVE SPACE at Kurfürstenstraße 13, 10785 Berlin

Berlin launch of Issue #4 of Telephone, featuring the work of Russian Poet Sveta Litvak.

This event is being held as a part of the exhibition homecomings.

More information on the exhibition can be found at

Aleksander Komarov and Ernesto Estrella, 2015

PROJECTIVE SPACE at Kurfürstenstraße 13, 10785 Berlin


COLLECTION (ZBOR). Constructing an archive (an exhibition of Belarusian contemporary art as part of the Rise of Eastern Culture festival / Another Dimension)

Galeria Arsenał, Białystok, Poland

From 28 August 2015 to 8 October 2015

Aleksander Komarov

27 Canal Street # 2B

New York NY 10002

phone number: (917) 981-0103


AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz, a research-focused, artist-run initiative that seeks to foster community, creativity, and dialogue within the constantly evolving environment of Berlin’s art scene. ABA itself is an organism that thrives on the communication of new ideas. Whether you are joining us as a researcher-in-residence, as an attendee of our frequently held salons, or as a reader of one of the many publications produced by residents in the course of their ABA stay, your attention is already a contribution to the development of ABA as a safe, cooperative space where artists, curators, designers, theorists—and anyone who is interested—can come together in support of each other’s endeavours.

At ABA, we have set out to investigate how “artistic research” has become increasingly engaged with fields knowledge that lies beyond what has traditionally been considered the “artistic sphere.” Through our salons and residency program, we explore the possibilities of collective processes of gathering and mediating knowledge. ABA offers residences to researchers from Switzerland (through Pro Helvetica), The Netherlands (Mondriaansfonds) and Belgium (Kunstenenerfgoed) and serves as a living space, production studio and meeting point for residents and their extended communities.

Today, when the majority of communication is done online, often between people who will never meet and always with the threat of being monitored, ABA strives to create spaces where people can freely express their ideas in a comfortable, aesthetically stimulating environment. Just like Gertrude Stein and her Matisse paintings, which attracted people to her home and sparked the creation of her famous Parisian salons, the expansive view of Alexanderplatz from the three ABA apartments acts as a pretence for bringing people together in our own version of a salon. At ABA, residents are encouraged to present their projects in the form of a salon, so that there is always a jumping off point from which discussion can unfold. People who have moved to Berlin from abroad to find their place in Berlin’s art world are brought together with more established members of Berlin’s art community, providing a democratic space where ideas, new projects, politics, urbanization, theory, etc. can be discussed face-to-face. The border between the public and private spheres is blurred as like-minded strangers are invited into the living rooms of our Soviet-era apartments, where history is already pressing in from all angles.

ABA Residency

ABA is the artist-run residency for research-based practices in Germany and offers residencies for a period of 4 till 6 months. Invites international artists, artist collectives, curators, writers, designers, architects, who will engage in an intensive period of research in Germany through the AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz program. within focusing on ‚research’ as a constitutive element of ‚artistic’ production. Situated on the topped floor of a Soviet-era apartments buildings overlooking Alexanderplatz, AIR Berlin Alexanderplatz serves as a living space, production studio, and meeting point for artists, curators, designers, and theorists with a range of research interests.